*********UPDATE: Baymen has recently had to put down our last rabbit hound after 15 years of wonderful, faithful service. We are not taking on any guided rabbit hunts at this time.*********

BAYMEN Guide Service, Inc. offers exciting rabbit hunts in the fall and winter months throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod.

As a youngster growing up in New England, rabbit hunting with beagles was a big part of life. My Dad use to take me and the beagles out on rabbit hunts on a regular basis. Rabbit stew was a staple in our kitchen in the fall and winter months. Today, we keep the traditions alive and well and look forward to hunting rabbits each fall and winter with our beagles.

Book a rabbit hunt with BAYMEN and enjoy the excitement of the hunt. Watch the hounds at work, hear them baying in the distance hot on the trail, and be ready for a speeding rabbit zipping past… Rabbit hunting is very exciting! Rabbit hunts are available October through February. To book a rabbit hunt with BAYMEN call (781) 934-2838