One of the great joys of living by the bay is digging yourself a bucket of clams for supper! Come clam the bay with us and learn how to find and dig your own shellfish. We’ll help you fill a bucket with soft-shell clams (steamers) or hard-shell clams (quahogs) for supper, as you enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of the bay.

The Pilgrims use to call them “Slammies.” The BAYMEN have been clamming the flats of Duxbury bay and the South Shore of Massachusetts for generations. Steamers, quahogs, little necks, cherry stones, blue mussels, razors, and of recent years, oysters! Our coastal bays fill and empty with 9-12 feet of water twice a day. Our waters on the South Shore offer some of the cleanest salt bays on the Massachusetts coast.

Wear rubber boots and gloves to protect feet and hands. Also, bring a wire clam basket, a clam fork or rake, and a beach towel. A cooler on hot days is a good idea to take your shellfish home in. A shellfish license is required for the town we clam in. Shellfish licenses are available at most Town Halls. Keep in mind, shellfishing is done by the tides. Low tide is best. However we can dig from half-tide dropping to half-tide incoming. Clamming is a fun, great way to spend a few hours on the bay gathering your own dinner!

For more information, call for open seasons, times, and current rates. (781) 934-2838